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Apes io

Who created Apes io? is developed and maintained by Addicting Games, known for creating engaging and unique online multiplayer games.

Apes io Gameplay is typically described as an online multiplayer battle arena game. Players control powerful monkey warriors fighting for survival against other players or the environment. The game may include strategic elements like territory control, resource gathering, and character progression. Its fast-paced and competitive nature tests players' strategic thinking, quick decision-making, and teamwork skills. often offers a unique theme, various game modes, and constantly evolving maps.

What is Apes io?

How to play Apes io?

🐒 Enter the Battle: Start by diving into the game world, where your goal is to survive and thrive in an endless royale.

🔮 Magic and Combat: Search for magic wands across the island to defend yourself and engage in battles.

🌴 Explore and Survive: Navigate a vast island, using the map to stay within safe zones and avoid areas of madness.

🎮 Controls:

Movement: Use WASD keys.
Aim: Move the mouse.
Roll: Hold the Shift key.
Jump/Climb: Use the Spacebar.
Shoot: Left Click.
Zoom/Aim: Right Click or press 'V'.
Pick Up Items: Press 'E'.
Open Inventory/Craft Wands: Press 'Tab'.
Switch Wands: Use '1', '2', or the Mouse Wheel.
👑 Objective: Your main goal is to find and defeat the Kong, take their crown, and rule the world. Stay within the white circle for safety and venture out carefully.

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