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Who made is developed by Yendis Entertainment Pty Ltd, a company known for creating dynamic and engaging multiplayer online games. Gameplay is a browser-based multiplayer first-person shooter with minimalist graphics and fast-paced, fluid gameplay. It stands out for its low latency and accessibility. Players can customize their characters and weapons while battling others across various maps and modes. The game's simple controls and quick match setup allow players to easily jump in and out. With an active online community and modding capabilities, offers a continually evolving and expanding gaming experience.

What is

How to play

🎮 Start the Match: Pick a class that suits your playstyle and join the action-packed game.

🔫 Master the Weapons: Each class comes with unique weapons; learn and master their use for an edge in battle.

🕹️ Navigate the Maps: Explore and familiarize yourself with the different maps, each offering unique tactical challenges.

🏃‍♂️ Fast-Paced Movement: Utilize the game's fluid movement mechanics to outmaneuver opponents.

🎖️ Compete and Progress: Engage in various game modes and climb the ranks to showcase your FPS skills.

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